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Tell me if this sounds familiar to you.

You’re at a meeting, and people there are talking about their employee and colleague complaints about unrealistic deadlines, too many pointless meetings to attend, and that these meetings are likely one of the reasons that prevent them to complete the projects on time.

Recently, I went to an executive meeting where all these points were the headlines.  This was particularly true of one of the executives, who also indicated that he may need to hire all new staff to start turning things around at his company – the company’s profit margins were suffering. Not ten minutes into the meeting, I saw that same executive pull out his phone and start looking through his emails, responding to an email at length, and then texting someone.  At least 10 minutes had gone by. And when there was a question posed to the group, he didn’t participate.

It got me to thinking about how he spends his time and the example he is setting for his employees.  Could this distractedness be impacting his bottom line? Could this be the reason for the lower revenue? Is he always this distracted? Does he spend his time focus his attention on things that aren’t the priority? As leaders, it is always incumbent upon us to be the role model of what we expect of our employees. If we expect our employees to be productive and focused during our meetings, don’t we need to model this same behavior for them?

I wonder, how are you spending your time at work?  Do you find yourself going to the phone frequently, searching through the internet, or having longer than necessary conversations with your colleagues? Do you find yourself trying to multitask? Are you distracted during meetings, thinking of other work you need to be doing?

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I would love to hear your results!

Also, if you would like to learn more about how time can impact your performance, check out the Leadership Series Workshop coming up on October 16th.  I have heard from many leaders about the challenges they encounter in their roles. That prompted me to develop this workshop to focus on helping leaders learn how to avoid being overwhelmed, get their team to gain better time management skills and higher performing, and best of all, how to make decisions more effectively.  The topics in this workshop will include:

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