What is Scaling? What is Growth?

I’m ready to expand my business, but I don’t know the best way to do it.

While related, there is a distinct difference between growth and scaling. For your business to experience growth, you generally need to increase your expenses and overhead, i.e., adding employees, increasing office space for those new hires, etc. Scaling, however, is increasing your revenue without making a significant investment of resources. That can be done by reviewing your current situation and making strategic decisions on areas of potential growth that won’t set you back financially.

Why Do I Need Business Coaching for Scaling and Growth?

So, you’ve started your new business and are ready for customers or you want to grow your current business, but where do you start? Mosaic Business Consulting can help you develop a roadmap to expansion that aligns with your current capacities and goals while planning the next level. Laura is an expert in the growing and scaling of your business and will help you determine which avenue is right for you. Or the best strategy may be a combination of both. She will know how to proceed, always with an eye to your specific company and its individual needs.

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