What is a startup?

I Have a Great Idea, But Where Do I Begin?

A startup is a business in its earliest stages of development. It typically introduces a new service or product into the market without any assurance that the company will be successful. Therefore, it is imperative that the founder(s) of the startup does as much early research as possible to plan for success. They need to ascertain the costs of starting their new business and how they will raise the capital. They must also identify their audience, know the spending habits of those customers, and figure out the most efficient and successful way to market to them. They should also have an idea of what it will cost to gain and retain a new customer and the approximate times that consumer can be expected to purchase that product or service in their lifetime. Startups often being with the founder’s dreams and passion, but there is a lot of legwork and research that needs to be completed for a startup to be successful and profitable.  

Why Do I Need Business Coaching for My Startup?

With so many factors determining the success of your startup, it can be overwhelming and a little frightening. That’s why you need Laura Wagenknecht and Mosaic Business Consulting on your team from Day One. Laura comes with a diverse business background and uses a specific set of tools to help you create your startup without missing any crucial steps along the way. She has guided numerous startups through this practice, and she’ll help you launch your new business quickly with a solid plan for success.

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What factors do I take into account when I set my pricing for my services or product?

Who do I need to hire and how do I handle adding personnel? Do I need a payroll service?