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Business Coaching & Support for Women and Minority Owned Businesses-Asheville, NC

A mosaic is a collection of small pieces that, when put together, create a whole picture. Likewise, your business is a collective of many pieces and parts that must come together in order for you to realize your business vision.

I am Laura Wagenknecht, an experienced Business Consultant, Planner, and Executive Coach. My superpower is seeing the big picture within the many pieces that comprise a business. With compassion, wisdom, and expertise, I am able to help my clients create the business and the success they have envisioned. 

My own diverse business background and expertise make me ideal for working with diverse businesses with diverse needs. This is why I specialize in working with women and minority-owned businesses. I believe you are a critical and beautiful piece of the business community and, in that big picture, the world needs you to succeed.

Whether starting up, seeking strategies for success or looking towards succession planning, I aim to be a critical piece of your business’s success.

I am also a knowledgeable business speaker and teacher who is available for individual or group coaching or speaking for business events.


My Process:

If you are looking for expert support to put all the pieces together for your business….welcome!

Business Coaching Services for Hard-Working Business Owners!

If you are working hard and long hours, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere with your business, Mosaic Business Consulting can help you succeed by developing strategies tailored to your business goals and needs.

 Whether helping a business get started, creating a succession plan, or strategizing for growth and success with an existing business, my superpower is seeing the big picture within the many fragmented pieces that comprise a business. Using a specific set of tools and expertise gained from her own diverse business background, I understand how all the pieces fit together to help YOU create the business and the success YOU have envisioned.

Services Offered



Finally, it is happening. You are ready to start your business adventure.  This is exciting, scary and overwhelming at the same time. Where do you start? How do you “become” a business? Do you need a website? A logo? A loan?

I can sort through the many pieces, serve as your guide and accompany you through the entire process. 

How I Can Help

✔ Business Planning
✔ Strategic Planning
✔ Marketing Strategy
✔ Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

It is time! You have built your business from the ground up and worked tirelessly to make it a success. Now you want to reap the benefits of all the sacrifices and sell your business or hand it over to the next generation. But how do you value your business? How do you maximize the profit? What are the steps to take to step aside and to let someone else purchase it or take over?

How I Can Help

✔ Succession Planning
✔ Executive Coaching and Consulting
Leadership Coaching and Consulting for new Leaders
Management Coaching and Consulting
Team Coaching and Consulting




“7AM and I am already overwhelmed with 20 emails from last night. There are issues with the website, two of my clients have complaints, and I don’t have time to deal with the marketing stuff. I really need to start developing a plan to attract more customers. But how do I do all that?”-Tired Business Owner

Mosaic Business Consulting can help! I can develop a roadmap for your business, aligning it with your current  capacities and goals for growth.

How I Can Help

✔ Business Planning
Proforma Development
Organizational Development
Strategic Planning
Marketing Strategy
Executive and Leadership Coaching and Consulting
Team Coaching and Consulting
Individual and 360 Assessments
Team Assessments
Training – Tailored to Company Needs

Speaking & Training

Speaking & Training

Businesses need new insights and new approaches to advance their companies and improve performance. I can provide full- or half-day training workshops to help improve your leader, manager, executive, and team performance.


✔ General Workshops, Seminars and Training
✔ Start-up Training
Scaling and Strategies for Growth


Upcoming Events


Get actionable strategies & a roadmap you can implement IMMEDIATELY to overcome the top 3 challenges most business owners face:

  • Lack of funding & money management
  • Too much to do & not enough time
  • Reaching your ideal customers & ineffective marketing

Not just 10, but 11 seminars covering topics you need as you grow your business – that’s 18 hours of seminar and training information!

    • Each seminar includes activities to apply the information you’ve learned.
    • The first session is 3 hours, and all other sessions are 1 ½ hours each for a total of 18 Hours of seminars!
    • Each session includes collateral materials that you will be able to download to work on your own to grow your business
    • All sessions will be recorded for future reviewing
    • Receive certificates of completion for every lesson
  • TWO each one hour coaching and consulting sessions with Laura (only included with the course package and not individual seminars)
  • Cost effective, time saving and no travel
  • Access to a private Facebook group to help you collaborate with others and get answers to your questions
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