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There are at least five reasons why executives and other leaders don’t bother to attend leadership training.  You probably already know them, because you have suffered a similar fate during your own training sessions.  Here are the five top reasons that scare executives away from attending training courses:

  1. Leaders are bored to death – there’s little interaction and they just sit there with the endless bullet points
  2. A generic-one size fits all approach that doesn’t fit the organization
  3. The trainer force-feeds a group of leadership principles, but there is no application to the specific issues the leader faces – no real-world application to THEIR specific situation.
  4. There is no follow-up.  You attend the training, and that’s it.
  5. There are no tangible solutions to the executive’s problems. So, this is wasted money on training programs that have no impact.

What if someone was providing a workshop more unique and tailored to YOUR needs?  This upcoming leadership training is about high-stakes and crucial conversations, NOT about communication – it is VERY different. 

This training focuses on REAL-LIFE issues that YOU are dealing with, and the approaches and solutions YOU need to help you resolve your communication challenges.  It focuses on RESULTS!

How is this possible?

Because each participant will be able to provide a real scenario prior to the training. The information will remain confidential and no names or organizations will be revealed, unless the person allows it.

This is NOT a training that will spoon-feed you information.  It will provide some specific elements and then focus on HOW TO develop approaches and provide real-life answers to some of your most pressing issues.

Through this workshop, you will deepen relational trust, unlock your team’s true potential, and accelerate its performance.

Who wouldn’t want improved productivity, better teamwork, improved morale, and a more positive environment, better relationships, and less stress?!? These are just some of the benefits that proven research states that occur with improved communication skills for your team.

Here’s an example of your challenge: you just lost another good staff member.  Research suggests that this one person can cost your business up to $30,000 a year in recruiting, hiring, training, and developing new talent.  No business can afford this!

The upcoming workshop on October 30th will help solve those problems. It is structured so that YOU bring the communication issues, and this workshop will develop a plan of how you can address it… AND get great results!

At the end of the workshop, each participant will receive a follow-up consultation with a coach to help prepare you for the crucial conversation, and/or make sure that the crucial conversation was successful.  

This workshop will address how to:

  • communicate simply and powerfully
  • handle crucial, high-stakes conversations, and
  • resolve conflict.

If you want to attend a meaningful and formative workshop that can help you improve your business and personal communication, then this is the one that offers you that and more.

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