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Helping new leaders
develop strong skills,
build powerful teams,
and drive Results.

Your challenges are unique to you and your company.
We care and listen to help make your brand about you.


We point your Business
in the right Direction

We are professionals in Executive Coaching, Career Coaching
and Organizational Development. Give us a call!


We help NEWER Executives, Managers, Supervisors, and Small Business Owners build leadership skills using Executive Coaching methods and Toolkits to increase the pace of their success.

Help your business grow and thrive!

You just got a promotion!


Where to start?

  • How do you know what to learn first?
  • How do you organize yourself?
  • How do you organize your time?
  • Who do you ask, and for what?
  • How do you communicate more effectively with the team?
  • How do you handle conflict?
  • How do you assess your team effectively/objectively?
    • How to conduct successful performance reviews/evaluations
  • How do you make the team perform better?
  • How do you hire/fire someone?
  • How do you help the team (or employee) change their attitude?
  • How do you engage everyone on your team?

Navigating your new role …

  • Without a job description
  • Without someone to teach you what to do
  • Without someone to help you navigate what it means to be a manager
    • How do you navigate changing your friendships and co-workers into your direct reports?
    • What are the managers’ real roles and responsibilities?
    • What questions should I ask, and to whom should I direct these questions?

Where to get help?

Laura is a gifted listener. It’s more than her empathy and ability to focus on someone else; she is uniquely able to distill what she has heard into valuable, credible insight. She has the smarts, drive, education, and experience foundation essential when communicating with executives. I believe that Laura was meant to be a coach. I find myself often thinking about her words, remembering them and acting upon them. I recommend Laura highly as an executive and career coach.

Paul RoycePGR Management Consulting Group, Ottawa ON

Our Main Services

Individual Coaching and Consulting


Do you find as a new, or even seasoned manager that you are overwhelmed, unable to get your team motivated, or not producing the results you want?  If you want to be an effective, more successful manager or leader, and you are looking for ways to be more successful no matter what the challenge, then I invite you to connect with us .

Certified Executive Coach and Executive, Laura Wagenknecht has a proven leadership growth coaching process that will help you understand how to have more impact, and become more productive, influential, and effective as a manager and leader. Stop allowing work to control you and let us show you how to start controlling your work!

  • Executive, Management, Leadership, and C-Suite Development
  • Career Coaching
  • Individual Assessments
  • Succession Planning


Business Training, Workshops, and Seminars


To get ahead, build new leadership skills and strategies, and bring out the best in your team for the greatest results, ongoing training is the catalyst to help make this happen. These trainings, workshops, and seminars help you fulfill your potential through effective leadership skills training in areas such as Team Building, Performance Reviews, Decision-Making, Time Management, Organization, Strategic Planning, Influencing Others, and increasing Emotional Intelligence.


All trainings, workshops, and seminars teach valuable insights, use many “real world” examples, and engage employees in interactive approaches to developing the newly learned skills. If you want strong leadership training programs on effective leadership skills, influencing others, and advancing women in business to boost your every-day performance, connect with us.

  • Influencing Others
  • Leadership Training
  • Management Development Skills
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Team Development Skills
  • Advancing Women in the Workplace


Team Coaching and Consulting


Building leadership throughout your organization is critical to sustaining and increasing growth and success. To do this, leaders and their teams need to change and move forward together. This is why team coaching has gained momentum and is becoming popular for small, medium, and large businesses.

Team coaching, training and consulting offer opportunities for your team to improve their work together, improve communication, decrease conflicts, and find more robust solutions by leveraging the team’s diversity of talents, experiences and perspectives. Combined, these help to build teams that are more effective and efficient, more productive and produce greater results.

Using real-time business challenges as the learning content, Mosaic Business Consulting equips leadership teams and entrepreneurs with a powerful set of tools for continuous on-the-job learning and training. To improve your team’s performance right away, I encourage you to connect with us.

  • Organizational Culture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Assessments
  • Team Development


Ready to make a change?

Regardless of the issue, you face as a new manager, leader, executive, or company Mosaic Business Consulting is here to help you.

Laura is a certified Executive Coach, with more than 30 years of experience as a leader in retail, health, higher education, and nonprofit organizations. Her experience, combined with her education, knowledge, and skills provide the perfect platform to help advance you and your company.

Individuals and companies often succeed with the help of others. Sometimes having an outside perspective provides insights and develops skills to stimulate and transform an individual or a company into forward momentum and movement.