Having teams that work really well together, communicate effectively, work efficiently, and produce 100% of the time is challenging at best.  Companies often need to have outside perspectives, techniques and activities to help teams become more cohesive and productive.

Let us help you!

Working teams that work well together are more productive.  The key behind this is that these teams know, or have learned, a variety of ways in which they can contribute, learn, and grow together.

Mosaic Business Consulting can help your teams with:

  • Greater staff development
  • Greater employee and staff engagement
  • Better use of people, skills, and resources
  • Improved employee performance
  • Greater ability to empower staff
  • Greater ability to empower staff to take responsibility
  • Improved ability to identify and develop high potential employees
  • Greater ability to identify employee strengths
  • Greater ability to identify development opportunities

Mosaic Business Consulting is committed to ensuring your greatest success and outcome. To that end, we use a systematic four-step approach that helps to obtain results faster and more effectively.


Assess Development Needs

To determine where you want to go, we first need to assess where you and your team currently are. This involves understanding your specific needs, and the roles, responsibilities, and outcomes you expect of the team and each of its members.

Establish the Road Map

Based on the responses and information received from the assessment, Mosaic Business Consulting will help you develop a roadmap of immediate goals, objectives, and action steps and approaches needed to ensure the team’s growth and success. The main goal of this stage is to make sure that the skills, information, and techniques provided will be useful to the team and that there is no “wasted time” to help advance the team.

Implementation and Coaching/Consulting of the Plan

Over the course of the engagement, Mosaic Business Consulting will work with the team to provide skills, knowledge, and insights to the team members and leadership. Through this process, increases in performance should be noticeable. Most importantly, leadership will have a greater understanding of how to motivate and engage employees so that they can improve their goals and achievements.

Measuring Success

At the end of the coaching engagement, we will compare the progress against the identified goals and objectives established. Follow-up plans will be provided to safeguard sustained success.

High-Performing Organizational Culture

The leadership in an organization, or the teams within the organization, can often be misaligned with the organizational culture.  Is your organization’s culture working?

All organizations covet two key elements, caring and results.

What is Culture?

It’s not just about gender, race, ethnicity, or religion.  Organizational culture is the way things get done in a place.  It’s the norms and behaviors that are encouraged and accepted, and the norms and behaviors that are discouraged and rejected.

When people are going against the “normal order of things,” or the culture of an organization, it gets noticed.

Now, imagine you’re a leader and you’re trying to change the direction of your business.  What will it take to get everyone to change some of their habits, behaviors, norms, and attitudes to make that change happen?

  • Are you making one of these 9 Mistakes?
  • Fanfare first
  • Boondoggle retreat and follow up
  • Tell Employees to go first
  • Passing out a book
  • Choosing from a menu of culture choices
  • Mistakes perks/enjoyment
  • Turning a virtue into a weakness
  • Being unaware of a gap between how leadership and employees see the culture
  • Not Budgeting enough time

Mosaic Business Consulting can help you “turn the tide” of your organization’s culture with this 5-Step Action Plan:

Strategic Planning

Too often, leaders express discontent and angst when the topic of strategic planning comes up.  Their experiences in the past have been poor: too costly, too invasive, and the consultants are here and gone again, leaving the staff to do the work that was recommended by the consultants.  Who are they to recommend what the business should and shouldn’t do in the future?  How are we supposed to implement these changes?  Talk about frustrating!

Coaching is a more efficient approach to developing a strategy. A coaching process respects the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of the organization’s employees. It relies on leadership to get a conversation going in the organization and make the difficult choices required to set direction. The coach can ask tough questions, keep people on task, serve as a sounding board, speak up when leadership wavers, and assist with implementation support.

Have you ever found yourself saying these statements?

  • We can’t agree on a common approach or language for strategic planning.
  • We can’t say “no” to initiatives and have far too many strategic initiatives to handle with limited resources.
  • We are trying to be everything to everyone and is failing to distinguish ourselves in the market. We need to figure out what we do best and do it.
  • We have a key strategic decision to make.
  • We have a strategy in place and need your help to review it.
  • We have a strategy, and it is not getting done.
  • We suffer from analysis paralysis when it comes to strategy and can’t make decisions.
  • Too many people are involved, and we need help getting everyone aligned.

Mosaic Business Consulting uses a three-phase process to help expedite the process AND make sure that the planning fits what YOU want to have in your business to bring it to the next level of success.

Ready to make a change?