Scale Your Business for Greater Success: Business Development Program




  • Not just 10, but 11 seminars covering topics you need as you grow your business – that’s 18 hours of seminar and training information!
    • Each seminar includes activities to apply the information you’ve learned.
    • The first session is 3 hours, and all other sessions are 1 ½ hours each for a total of 18 Hours of seminars!
    • Each session includes collateral materials that you will be able to download to work on your own to grow your business
    • All sessions will be recorded for future reviewing
    • Receive certificates of completion for every lesson
  • TWO each one hour coaching and consulting sessions with Laura (only included with the course package and not individual seminars)
  • Cost effective, time saving and no travel
  • Access to a private Facebook group to help you collaborate with others and get answers to your questions

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