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Running an organization is not always easy, nor does it always follow along as planned.

  • Are your revenues declining and you’re not sure which direction to go now?
  • Has your current executive director left the organization, or are they not performing as well as you need?

When your organization is struggling, Mosaic Business Consulting is the place to call.  MBC can step in and bring a variety of skills and knowledge to help advance your organization.

According to the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits, “Research suggests that a skilled interim executive director (ED) helps nonprofits to emerge stronger, more fiscally sound, and with higher levels of optimism. She takes the helm and lays the groundwork for the next leader’s success by:

  • Serving as a bridge, giving the board time to conduct a thoughtful search process.
  • Managing the day-to-day by examining the organization objectively, leading anxious staff, reassuring wary funders, and keeping finances and revenue generation on track.
  • Helping the board clarify its vision and future leadership needs.
  • Modeling excellence in management and leadership.
  • Mentoring the new ED once appointed (Winter 2012, Vol XXI, No. 1).”

If you believe in the power of optimum results, contact Mosaic Business Consulting now to discuss your needs.

Did you know?  On average, it takes a Board of Directors 9 months to recruit a new Executive Director. By the time they are on-boarded and contributing, a year may have passed since the departure of their prior leader. While Board members may step up to “mind the gap”, the truth is that employees, partners and funders can lose confidence in your organization during this leadership transition and key employees may leave. Just organizing payroll, developing a budget and/or supervising the employees may keep the lights on, but without professional leadership, your organization can be harmed and stymied while the Board should be focused on finding your next leader.

What does an Interim Executive Director do?  An interim nonprofit Executive Director (ED) works for the Board of Directors and runs the organization for a specific period of time – usually 6 months to a year. Perhaps more importantly, the interim ED helps the Board assess the current situation so there is a clear and shared vision of what the organization needs in its next permanent leader. A seasoned interim ED will help prepare the organization to ensure its sustainability and the success of the next leader. An interim ED is not a consultant, but rather a seasoned organization executive who can provide strong leadership during an executive transition.

Your interim ED may not be an expert in your specific line of organization or program focus, but be rest assured that they have experience as an Executive Director. They will rely on the program team already working with you and will instead focus on transition leadership, keeping the revenue coming in, and making sure that the organization moves forward without a hitch. Helping the Board with strategic planning for the next phase of the organization is often part of the contract.

To be sure, this is a temporary position, and the interim ED will NOT be moving into a permanent position with your organization.  This enables the Board of Directors and Leadership Team to make the best selection for a new ED that will help the nonprofit organization move forward.

You may need someone quickly or within the next month or so.  In either case, please contact Mosaic Business Consulting to see if this is a good fit with your needs.

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