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Career Coaching


Career coaches are great at being able to help you advance your career aspiration process, reducing the amount of time figuring things out, and being able to help you advance your career more effectively and efficiently.

Are you:

• Trying to get a promotion?
• Considering a career change?
• Looking for a new job?
• Unhappy at work?
• Transitioning into full-time or part-time retirement?

Contact Mosaic Business Consulting.

Maybe you need to take more control of your own career, or figure out where you’re headed, or possibly even plan the next steps in your career.

Mosaic Business Consulting will discuss the direction you want to take, help you through the morass of the job search approach, help with interviewing skills, and build your confidence so that you can advance in your career more effectively.

One of the MOST critical tasks is negotiating your raise, promotion, or new job package.  WE CAN HELP!


Laura works closely with you to help you:

  • Plan, develop and manage your career path
  • Develop a strong personal brand
  • Increase clarity about career direction and the path needed to get there
  • Get your dream job or career
  • Negotiate better salaries, benefits, and promotions that are possible
  • Be more successful in your current job
  • Work through feelings or conflict or confusion about your current job
  • Greater confidence in abilities
  • Navigate office politics
  • Increased chances of getting promotions
  • Better understand yourself and what you like, value, and want to do well
  • Improved “elevator pitch”
  • Improve stress management
  • Greater strength in relationships with colleagues/bosses
  • Know your market value
  • Stronger network and business relationships
  • Clear path for job search

Working with a career coach allows you to identify exactly what it is you would like to achieve within your career/job/situation and set up a plan to make that happen.

A successful career coaching model that Mosaic Business Consulting uses is as follows:


Initial assessment

This will include an evaluation of your interests, values, and skills to determine career options. This also may include a personality assessment, such as the Profile XT or CliftonStrengths. It may be important to understand possible barriers that may influence career options as well.


After the assessment, we use this information to help you find and use additional career information so that you can effectively research companies and organizations of interest. I offer help in determining areas to research, as well as how to conduct productive face-to-face interviews.

Career Management

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. In this segment, we examine interpersonal goals – e.g., How to get noticed more in the office?; How to get along better with others at work?; How to deal with the office politics challenges? We work together on accomplishing your goals.


I have found that we often don’t advance our careers effectively – this is especially true for women. This work involves developing a career network, creating a great resume, sharpening your interviewing skills, and learning how to better negotiate your salary, benefits package, or promotion.

Action Plan

Once you’ve figured out all of the information above, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. What should I do next? Do I need more training, education, or services to get further ahead? Should I be looking at a JOB change or a CAREER change? We work through these questions, so you have a plan moving forward.

Ready to make a change?