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Are you a business owner who wants to grow your business successfully?

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If you are ready to take your business to the next level, and you want to do it right, this program is FOR YOU!

Working with expert business coach, Laura Wageknecht, get actionable strategies & a roadmap you can implement IMMEDIATELY to overcome the top 3 challenges most business owners face:

  • Lack of funding & money management
  • Too much to do & not enough time
  • Reaching your ideal customers & ineffective marketing


  • ANY Business Owner Looking to Scale Their Business!
  • Small Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Coaches (business, executive, health, career, leadership, life, etc.)
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Alternative Healthcare Providers


Quality Business Education that is cost effective & time saving!

  • Not just 10, but 11 seminars covering topics you need as you grow your business – that’s 18 hours of seminar and training information!
  • Each seminar includes activities to apply the information you’ve learned.
  • Each session includes collateral materials that you will be able to download to work on your own to grow your business
  • Receive certificates of completion for every lesson
  • All sessions will be recorded for future reviewing
  • TWO one hour coaching and consulting sessions with Laura (only included with the course package and not individual seminars)
  • Access to a private Facebook group to help you collaborate with others and get answers to your questions


  • Three seminars per month for three months with a one week break each month
  • During the breaks, you can schedule one of the two one-hour sessions with Laura.
  • The first session is 3 hours, and all other sessions are 1 ½ hours each for a total of 18 Hours of seminars!
  • You also get to be part of a private Facebook Group!
  • AND, there will be group sessions in the course!

This new series will not only start your business more successfully, but will enable you to lay a strong foundation for growth.


Or, Just Sign Up For One!

If you’re interested in specific sessions, you can purchase seminars individually!

There are NO one-on-one coaching and consulting sessions included in this option.

The first seminar: The Business Plan (3 Hours long)  COST = $297

All other seminars (1.5 Hours long)  COST = $147


Part 1: Developing a Business Plan: Planning is Power

In this two-hour session, Laura will show why business plans are for more than just getting funding and why and how to write an effective business plan that will help set your business apart from others and position you up for success! This workshop will outline how to write each part of a business plan to set goals, secure investment, and successfully apply for funding, such as a bank loan.

The first workshop in the series will cover

  • Why write a business plan?
  • How to write a business plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description Section
  • Marketing Section
  • Operations Section
  • Financial Section

Part 2: Pick Your Niche and Expand Your Market

Who are you marketing to? If you can’t give a specific answer to that question right away, you need to define your target audience. Good marketing caters to specific customers. Knowing who those folks are can help you better perform marketing to your fullest potential and increase the number of clients and profits you get faster.

We’ll cover:

  • Why it is critical to home in on your niche market
  • How to home in on your niche market
  • What questions to ask to clarify your niche market

Part 3: Financials – Making Numbers Your Superpower!

Numbers can scare many people away from being clear and accurate about the money for their business. Too often people don’t know how much they have, what it’s being spent on, and how they can earn a profit. Creating a budget is critical always, but especially during uncertain and challenges times.

Join us for this session on budgeting basics to:

  • Identify/Develop and set your financial goals
  • Examine how financial values come into play
  • Discuss basic budgeting terminology and principles
  • Estimate your income and expenses
  • Set your financial strategy and priorities
  • Explore tools to develop your budget and cash flow projections
    • Proforma
    • 12-Month Cash flow projections
    • 3-Year Cash flow projections
  • Discuss ways for you to track your financial health and progress

Part 4: Imposter Syndrome – Make it! Don’t Fake It!

Are you listening to an endless tape in your head about not being good enough? Have you ever felt that you don’t belong? Do you always over-prepare and still dread failing? Are you reluctant to ask for help, fearing you will be considered incompetent if you don’t do it all? Do you worry that they will soon realize that you are just a fraud? Do you often doubt yourself — despite your evident successes? Do you attribute your success to luck or effort versus your ability?

If you are a high-achieving business owner or entrepreneur, chances are you can relate. Attend this workshop to learn things you can do to overcome your feelings of imposter syndrome!

Part 5: Know What to Charge – YOU’RE WORTH IT!

You’ve started your coaching business, and now you are meeting with a prospective client. One of the biggest questions they have is what will it cost them to hire you? Suddenly, you become sweaty and nervous as you think, “What DO I charge?”

One of the most basic rules in any successful negotiation is to truly understand your value and self-worth. Knowing exactly what skills and abilities you bring to the table each day and how they compare to others performing a similar job, will give you an important edge.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Why consultants undersell themselves
  • How to properly value your services
  • Ways to implement a pricing increase
  • Tips to build your credibility and brand

Part 6: Your Pitch to Get More Funding

Grabbing your audience’s attention is hard enough, but then you have to keep their attention. How do you succinctly describe your organization and make a compelling pitch for their support? How do you keep a donor engaged while meeting online?

  • How to Write an Elevator Pitch
  • Tailoring your pitch to specific audiences
  • How to ask donors for support
  • How to make a pitch that feels authentic to *you

Part 7: Marketing Strategies to Get You Ahead

So much content tells you what to do, but most of it neglects to teach you how to do it. Learn everything from “what” to “how” with the actionable, practical, and realistic advice you’ll find in this workshop.

We’ll cover:

  • Yes, we’ll have to start with the “what” of marketing
  • The reason you need a marketing strategy
  • The different types of marketing
  • A marketing strategy you’ll actually, and realistically, execute

Part 8: Time Management – It’s Not Just for Nerds!

You’re overwhelmed and find there are too many priorities competing for your time. Or, maybe you find that you have a hard time staying focused to meet your business goals. Or, maybe you’re finding it difficult to have a work/life balance that fits with you and your family needs. We can all feel overwhelmed, but with the right effort you can stay productive while taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

Join us for this session to:

  • Stay at the top of your professional game
  • Gain insights on how to partition your time effectively
  • Learn specific techniques to stay focused on your work
  • Develop personal strategies that increase your productivity
  • Develop personal strategies for self-care

Part 9: Goal Setting – Get to the Finish Line Faster!

Goal setting is about more than just writing down a to-do list.

Bring clarity, direction, and purpose to your coaching practice! Gain more clients and gain them more quickly. Use these techniques to get out of feeling overwhelmed, “analysis paralysis,” and procrastination.

Goal setting is one of the most basic and essential skills someone can develop.

In this seminar, we touch on:

  • goal characteristics
  • time management
  • what to do when setbacks occur

This workshop will provide the knowledge and skills you need to complete more tasks and get things done!

Part 10: Networking and Influencing Others – Your Key to Success

This workshop will provide opportunities to develop new skills and apply them in ways that take your influence skills to new levels.

If you do the work in this program, including working with colleagues to give and receive coaching, you should expect to see positive changes in the following areas:

  • Confidence
  • Ability to use influence to achieve your goals
  • Reduction of problems/complaints in your life
  • Greater ability to seize opportunities
  • Stronger network of professional relationships
  • Shift in how others perceive you
  • More productive use of your time

BONUS: Part 11: Delegating: Should You Really be Doing That?

There is a common belief that only big businesses can afford to hire many employees, while the smaller ones, let alone the solopreneurs, simply have to stick to the DIY.

Remote work has enabled the gig economy to flourish, powered by the convenient freelance marketplaces where everybody and I mean everybody can get the expert help they need when they need it and only spend what they can afford.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What to outsource as a solopreneur or small business
  • How to outsource effectively
  • Places to search for the services you need


Or, Just Sign Up For One!

If you’re interested in specific sessions, you can purchase seminars individually!

There are NO one-on-one coaching and consulting sessions included in this option.

The first seminar: The Business Plan (3 Hours long)  COST = $297

All other seminars (1.5 Hours long)  COST = $147