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I will help your business succeed.

Take part in my GROWTH ACCELERATOR MASTERCLASS SERIESTM to learn how to make more money and get more clients while having more time to spend on things you enjoy.

Discover the 5 pillars you'll need to build a profitable and enjoyable business that supports your lifestyle and lets you escape the 9 to 5 for good!

What you’ll learn

  • The 5 Pillar Business Accelerators
  • Clarity and awareness about where your business is now and where you want it to go.
  • Gives you a clear plan of how to proceed and get more clients.
  • Helps you determine your priorities.
  • Provides goals that will actually move the needle!
  • Implement a business strategy to attract high-quality leads interested in your products and services
  • Understand how to convert more leads into paying clients without high-pressure sales tactics
  • Leverage a digital strategy to increase existing profit margins dramatically to provide more peace of mind for future growth
  • Realize the business strategy to stimulate additional sales and word of mouth about your business
  • Why it’s important to avoid a business model that competes based on having the lowest prices
  • Master the digital strategy to scale even the smallest business into a dominant market presence
  • How to get 8 hours of your week back!

What you’ll get

  • Weekly Masterclass sessions
  • Weekly Q & A Sessions
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Laura
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to recordings of Masterclass Sessions
  • Certificate of completion


  • The motivation to use a proven business strategy to increase your sales as fast as possible
  • The ability to recognize these strategies can improve any existing business model or digital strategy

Who is it for?

  • Coaches

  • Consultants

  • Therapists

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Service Providers

Is Your Business Lacking Profits?

Are Your Business Profits Lacking?

Are You Frustrated With Your Marketing Efforts Failing to Deliver As Promised?

Do you wish you could use a proven business model based on actual business fundamentals that leverage digital and offline growth strategies to rapidly increase your sales and attract high-quality leads?

Then you aren’t alone!

Unfortunately, according to recent research conducted by Entrepreneur Weekly and the Small Business Development Center, 7 out of 10 businesses will go bankrupt prior to their 10th year of business. So the real question is, what business strategies are the thriving 30% of companies using to succeed that the other 70% of businesses who failed never discovered?

I’m Laura Wagenknecht, and after making all the mistakes an entrepreneur can make, I discovered what separated the businesses that crushed it in any economy from those who struggle!

What I uncovered has changed my life and the lives of my consulting clients ever since!

I wanted to ensure that I could help prevent the owners of other small businesses from ever having to experience the pain and humiliation of having their friends and family see their business fail…
After spending hours studying offline and digital strategies and business fundamentals used by over 10,000 businesses in more than 400 different industries to generate consistently profitable returns
I systematized and combined each of the business plan’s key elements into one reliable business growth system.

Instead, many business models and strategy courses were teaching the same old boring, rehashed information that has been causing business owners to waste too much money, work longer hours, and eventually close their doors. They all could have taken a much easier and more profitable approach!

So I decided to share my 5-step advanced business model strategy for rapid sales growth in a way that didn’t require you to spend hours and hours painfully watching digital videos just to learn how to improve your marketing.

No. Instead, I’ve created the Growth Accelerator Masterclass Series designed to get you the information you need to take action and apply these fundamentals, and tweak your business model for profitable results as soon as possible, WITHOUT spending weeks studying boring videos.

  • If you’re truly motivated and ready to take action implementing a business plan that will generate new sales
  • If you desire to have a clean business plan that will attract increased leads and sales for your business without expensive advertising costs
  • And if you simply haven’t been sure where to start to get better results because the business model you had initially created lacked the fundamentals and strategy for growth, the wait is over!

By grabbing this implementation series today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Uplevel Your Success

Are you ready to experience business growth in a whole new way? Our exclusive Growth Accelerator Masterclass Series is the perfect way to kickstart your success. This series is packed with tips, tricks, and strategies specifically tailored for coaches, consultants, therapists, and more! Learn how to make more, delve deep into converting prospects into clients, and take control of your business and time – without spending hundreds of dollars on ads! It’s time to supercharge your success and uplevel your business – join us now!

Grow with Confidence

Our Growth Accelerator Masterclass Series is designed to support you in your journey to success. With our step-by-step guide and exclusive tools, you can easily navigate through any obstacles that stand in your way. With us by your side, you can become confident in your success and feel empowered to take control of your business future.

Get Results Now

Our Growth Accelerator Masterclass Series is the perfect way to jumpstart your business growth. Our expert coaches will provide you with the precise knowledge and tools you need to become successful. With our help, you’ll start to see results quickly – no more waiting around for success! Sign up today and let us help you get the results you deserve.


  • The 5 Business Accelerators
  • Getting Leads
  • Engaging, Nurturing, and Converting Leads
  • Developing a Product
  • Niching Your Market – Uncover Your Uniqueness
  • Getting Your Time Back
  • Creating a Lead Magnet that People Really Want
  • Onboarding and Follow-Up